To receive an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree, a diploma, or Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC), students must complete the total credit hours required for their program of study, and must complete at least 25% of the coursework at Georgia Piedmont Tech.



An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is a two-year degree commonly granted by technical colleges. AAS degree programs take 18 to 24 months to complete.

AAS degrees are available in a wide range of areas that lead to many opportunities. Some students choose to continue their education and use their associate’s degree to earn their bachelor’s degree. In many fields, an AAS degree is sufficient for a rewarding career.


Diploma programs vary in length, but usually require at least one year to complete. Students enrolled in diploma courses are generally interested in longer-term training than certificate students, but less than degree level.


Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) programs are usually one year or less in length and offer short-term training to meet specific needs and employment requirements. TCC programs focus on practical training rather than academic coursework.

TCC programs are designed for those students who wish to make a swift transition into the workforce. Students often earn certificates to get a step ahead in the professional field of their interest, and certificates may be offered in similar programs leading to diplomas and degrees.

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