The building automation systems industry encompasses a broad range of current technologies and disciplines to maintain comfort, control and energy savings in residential and commercial HVAC systems and facilities. The student will be prepared to install, service and sell controls equipment including but not limited to access controls, fire alarm systems, lighting controls, security systems and HVAC controls. All commercial buildings now have some form of automation system, and current technologies are integrating many of these systems into one. Graduates of this program will have the tools necessary to gain entry into this high-paying and rewarding field.

What skills do students learn in this program?
Students in the Building Automation Systems associate degree program learn the combination of skills that will enable them to enter the thriving industry of building automation which include electrical, commercial mechanical systems, computer networking and programming.

They will work in a state-of-the-art college lab that utilizes real equipment and systems that are seen currently in commercial buildings. One industry partner describes the layout as “a commercial building in a lab.” Students will work on a variety of automation systems seen today and work with tools and software that technicians use to analyze control circuits as well as troubleshoot automation networks. They will perform the tasks that an actual technician does in the field, including building control systems and networks from scratch and troubleshooting them.

Additionally, the students will have an internship where they will work in the field with an automation company to prepare them to enter the industry upon graduation.

What types of students thrive in the program and in this career field? Those who:

  • have a background in HVAC/R, IT or electrical fields
  • are detail-oriented
  • have a desire to enter a field that is good for the environment by saving energy

What types of jobs are available to graduates of this program? Where can they work?
The program prepares the student to be an entry-level field technician who can either install or service building automation systems. Students can choose to work for major controls companies who specialize in building automation, for companies whose focus is purely installation of automation systems, and/or for facilities management companies who have a focus on commercial systems and controls/automation.