Information is shared throughout the year at the various campuses to educate, promote and facilitate a safer environment for all members of the community. Topics may include issues concerning alcohol/drug education, personal safety, workplace safety and other safety concerns for all campuses.

The Safe Place initiative was designed to provide a safe and secure place for all students. Staff, faculty and students can refer a student who may be struggling with personal and or emotional difficulties. Learn More

There are bookstore locations at the DeKalb and Newton Campuses for students to purchase books and supplies. Learn More

Student safety is a top priority at Georgia Piedmont Tech. The Georgia Piedmont Tech Police Department is committed to making sure students, faculty, staff, and visitors feel safe and secure on campus. Learn More

The campus computer labs are available to all currently enrolled Georgia Piedmont Tech students. Learn More

Career services match students’ interests, abilities, skills, training, and experience with available employment opportunities. Learn More

Georgia Piedmont Tech‘s Office of Veterans Affairs assists U.S. military veterans, guardsmen, reservists, spouses and dependents. Learn More