Meet with Your Advisor

Before registering for classes, each student must meet with an Advisor to determine the correct course(s) to be taken that semester. Learn more about Advising.

Register Online Using Banner Web

1. Login to BannerWeb

Current Faculty, Staff, or Student Link: Banner Web Login
Alumni Link: Banner Web Login
If you have trouble logging into BannerWeb, please contact our Help Desk.


3. Click on “REGISTRATION”

Note: If you have a “hold” on your record, you will not be allowed to register.

4. Click on “ADD/ DROP CLASSES”

5. Enter all Course Reference Numbers(CRNs) and click submit.

Please wait for the schedule to appear before refreshing the screen as it may take up to 90 seconds to submit changes.

6. Click on “MENU” then click on “REGISTRATION FEE ASSESSMENT”

This screen displays tuition and fees that you must pay to reserve your schedule.

Important Registration Notes

Adding Courses

During late registration, students will no longer be able to add a course after it has met one time. For example, if a course meets at 9:00 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, you will only be able to add the class until 8:59 on Monday. You will not be able to add the class at 9:00 am on Monday or later. Students will no longer be able to register for courses outside of their program major without seeing an advisor. The advisor may provide an override, and should inform the student that courses outside their program major will not be paid by financial aid, and the student is responsible for paying the tuition and fees for that course(s). An example would be a cosmetology student registering for a welding course.

Dropping / Withdrawing Courses

  • Dropping a course before or during the “Late Registration / Add / Drop” period each term is considered a “drop.” The course will not show up on your official transcript and you will not be charged for the course. If you paid for the course prior to dropping it, you will receive a 100% tuition refund.
  • Withdrawals after the “Late Registration / Add / Drop” period and prior to 60% of the term will result in a grade of “W” on your transcript. Withdrawal after 60% of the term and before the start of final exams will result in a grade on your transcript of “W” if you are passing the course at the time of withdrawal, or a grade or “WF” if you are failing the course on the last date you attended class. A “WF” is computed in your GPA the same as an “F.” If you withdraw from a course, you must still pay all tuition and fees for the course regardless of when you withdraw.
  • Students are responsible for their own records and should withdraw from a course through the Office of the Registrar to ensure it is properly recorded.
  • Dropping and / or withdrawal from one or more courses may affect your financial aid.

View Registration Hold Information

Academic Hold
Office of Academic Affairs

Administrative Hold
Office of Academic Affairs

Admissions Hold
Office of Admissions

Business Office Hold
Office of Cashier

Financial Aid Hold
Office of Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services
Office of Cashier

Office of Admissions

Library Fine Hold

Open Balance
Office of Cashier

Parking Fine Hold
Office of Cashier

Registrar’s Hold
Office of Registrar

Survey Hold

Registration Calendar

The enrollment period for Georgia Piedmont Tech can be found on the Academic Calendar:

  • Course registration for the Summer Semester 2023 will open (tentatively) on March 13, 2023.


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Registration Error Messages

Error messages that pop up when you are trying to register signal a problem. Pay close attention to what the message is telling you. Below you will find common messages and what you should do if you receive them:

  • Academic status prohibits registration: This message means that you are suspended because of prior academic performance and must now explore the academic appeal process. Academic Appeal is NOT THE SAME as the SAP appeal process with financial aid. What do you do: See the Academic Dean of your program of study. You may be eligible for an academic appeal.
  • Student Status Prohibits Registration/You require re-admission prior to registration: This message means you need to either complete a term update or new admissions application at no charge. What do you do: See the Admissions office at either campus.
  • Prerequisite/Test Score Error Message: This message indicates that another course is required prior to taking an advanced course. Read the catalog course description to see the prerequisite courses that must be taken. What do you do: See your faculty advisor for courses in your major. See an academic advisor for general education courses.
  • Field of Study Restriction: You are trying to register for a course NOT required for your program of study. Financial aid does not cover courses not required by your program of study. What do you do: See the Office of the Registrar for a field of study override form.
  • Closed Section: This message means that the section has reached its capacity i.e. the course is full. What do you do: Look for another section that has seats available or keep checking the section during registration to see if seats open. Remember to check other campuses, including online, for many class offerings. You may also speak to the Dean over your major to see if there are any other ways to help you.
  • Time Conflict Message: You have tried to register for two classes that meet at the same time. Select an alternate course that does not occur at the same time as a course for which you are already registered. What do you do: Select other courses that fit together without conflict.
  • Co-requisite Message: This message indicates that there is a course that must be taken either prior to an advanced course or at the same time. Your registration must include both courses if you have not taken either one previously. What do you do: See your catalog to see what classes should be taken together.
  • Maximum Hours Exceeded: This message means that you are attempting to register for more than a full load. Special permission is needed to take more than 18 semester hours in one semester. What do you do: Register for fewer credit hours. See an Academic Dean for your program of study for more questions.