Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled classes is an essential aspect of student success. Students will be expected to complete all work required by the instructor as described in each course syllabus.

Students who stop participating in class, but do not formally withdraw, may receive a grade of F and face financial aid repercussions in upcoming semesters.

Students will not be withdrawn by an instructor for attendance; however, all instructors will keep records of graded assignments and student participation in course activities. The completion dates of these activities may be used to determine a student’s last date of participation in the event a student withdraws, stops attending, or receives an F in a course.

Withdrawal from a Course

A student may withdraw from courses up until the final week of classes.  A student cannot withdraw from a course during the final week of the term.

Students who want or need to withdraw from classes for any reason must do so online or in-person at the One-Stop. 

If submitting an online withdrawal:

  • Withdrawals are processed through our banner web system.  Please follow the steps below.
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Student Dashboard
    3. Click on Banner web login and enter your username/password
    4. Select Student & Financial Aid
    5. Select Registration
    6. Select Add/Drop Classes
    7. Select term you wish to withdraw from; Submit
    8. Select the course or courses you want to withdraw
    9. Submit changes


Withdrawal Form:

  • If Banner is not available to withdraw from classes, we encourage students to complete the online Withdrawal Form.  There are intermittent times through the semester when the option is not available for students in Banner.   The electronic form can be accessed here: Withdrawal Form

The official date of withdrawal is the online submission date in BANNERWeb or the date a physical form is submitted on campus.

  • Financial aid could be negatively affected for students who withdraw, no-show, and/or cease participation.
  • Students having an emergency situation such as illness, accident, or death in the immediate family should contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.
  • A Stop Payment on a check does not constitute a formal withdrawal nor does it cancel the student’s financial obligation. An outstanding balance consisting of these fees plus a returned check fee will still be owed to Georgia Piedmont Tech.

Georgia Piedmont Tech Withdrawal Policy

Due to the varied demands of individual programs, some classes may have specific contact or instructional hour requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to review specific program and course policies.

“No Shows”

Any enrolled student who has not participated in class assignments by the designated No Show Deadline each term will be will be dropped from the course.

Withdrawal from “Stacked Classes”

In some programs, students register for a full load of classes (stacked classes) at the beginning of the term; however, the courses are taught consecutively and each course is a pre-requisite to the next course. Some of the programs that fall into this category are Nursing, Cosmetology, Law Enforcement, EMT, Paramedic, CISCO, and several Industrial Division programs. Students that fail one of the pre-requisite courses will be “no showed” from the remaining courses that term and will not be allowed to participate in them.


For some programs and classes, requirements for instructional hours or clock hours reflect the singular or combined rules of respective licensing boards, state legal requirements, accrediting, or other external parties. Details are provided in our Course Catalog.

All attendance requirements for these classes are listed in their respective syllabi, specifying the attendance requirement and any provisions for make-up work in the classroom or during clinical experiences.