Title Audience Topic Description
Academic Suspension Appeal FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

An appeal of academic suspension may be made and must be initiated as soon as possible but no later than the first day proceeding the new semester.

Final Grade Appeal FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Students may only appeal a final course grade. Final grades of “C” or higher are not appealable. The student has fourteen (14) calendar days from the first day of the semester following the term in which the grade was earned to consult with the faculty member in an effort to review the final grade assigned.

Enrollment VerificationCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

For Official enrollment verification and Unofficial enrollment verification

No Show/Attendance AppealCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

To appeal attendance status, fill out the No Show/Attendance Appeal form


Request to AuditCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

A student desiring to audit must get, complete, and return the Request to Audit form from the Registrar’s Office prior to the mid-point of any semester. An audit symbol is given with the permission of the instructor and the Registrar’s Office. It is not permissible to change from audit to credit.