Title Audience Topic Description
Out of Major Request FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Important: Financial Aid cannot be approved for courses taken outside a student’s current major. It is to be understood that should a student take a course outside his/her current major, adjustments to the student’s financial aid award may occur.

Registrar’s Office – Petition to Reinstate Class Schedule after PurgeCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

If tuition and/or fees are not paid by the deadline listed in the Payments Date section of the calendar, students may be dropped from all classes and require a Petition to Reinstate Class Schedule form to be reinstated.

Students are expected to pay their tuition and fees according to the Business Office’s payment deadline schedule. When a student’s schedule is dropped for nonpayment, the student is either expected to either:
-No longer attend classes
– OR Make payment in full of any outstanding student account balances and request to have their schedule reinstated.

Complete this petition to request a complete reinstatement of all courses dropped for non-payment. Partial schedule reinstatements will not be accepted.

Syllabus Request FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

This form is for former students that would like to request a copy of their syllabus or syllabi to send to a college/university.

Confidentiality Request for Individual Student RecordCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits
Program Change RequestCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Before submitting the Program Change Request form students must be sure they:

    • Submit the form by the semester application deadline.
    • Meet the admissions requirements for the requested program. Accuplacer and Asset test scores and high school diploma graduation status will be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar prior to approving the change.
    • Visit the One Stop Advising Office to discuss the impact of the program change on your financial aid before you submit this request to the of Office of the Registrar. Program changes may be limited and/or may affect your financial aid.


Credential Replacement Request FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Use this form to request a credential replacement.  This is for students who graduated from Georgia Piedmont Technical College formerly known as DeKalb Technical College.

Petition for IncompleteCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits
Student Information Release Authorization (FERPA)Current Students, Future StudentsAppeals and Audits

This form allows students to grant parents, guardians, spouse, and/or other access to their education records maintained by Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

Course Exemption Request (Early Childhood Care and Education Program only)Current Students, Future StudentsAppeals and Audits

This form can be used to make course exemption requests for students enrolled at Georgia Piedmont Technical College in the Early Childhood Care program only. Course exemptions reduce the number of courses students must take to complete their program.

Transient Request FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

This Transient Request form is used to request permission to attend another college as a transient student.

Visa Request Information for GraduationCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits, Registrar Office

This form is for students that need to request a VISA for their overseas family members to attend Spring graduation ceremony.

Senior Waiver FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

The Senior Waiver is available for residents of Georgia who are 62 years of age or older.  Students can can enroll tuition free courses.

Hardship Withdrawal RequestCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Students may request a hardship withdrawal after the official withdrawal (“W” date) deadline in the College Calendar. A hardship withdrawal is an exception based on unusual or emergency circumstances beyond the student’s control.

College Waiver FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Please use this form if you wish to waive submitting one or more of your college transcripts. Only list those colleges you would like to waive.  Do not use this form to submit other items such as high school transcript information or test scores.

Unofficial Withdrawal Appeal FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

A student can be issued an unofficial withdrawal if the student stops attending classes and does not officially withdraw from them.

No Show/Appeal AttendanceCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

A student has the right to appeal the “no show” course cancellation. Appeals must be submitted by using the online form.

Academic Suspension Appeal FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

An appeal of academic suspension may be made and must be initiated as soon as possible but no later than the first day proceeding the new semester.

Final Course Grade Appeal FormCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

Students who wish to appeal their final course grade must fill out and submit this form to begin the review process.

Enrollment VerificationCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

For Official enrollment verification and Unofficial enrollment verification

Request to AuditCurrent StudentsAppeals and Audits

A student desiring to audit must get, complete, and return the Request to Audit form from the Registrar’s Office prior to the mid-point of any semester. An audit symbol is given with the permission of the instructor and the Registrar’s Office. It is not permissible to change from audit to credit.

Request to audit