What skills do students learn in this program?
Students in the Nursing Assistant (Nurse Aide) certificate program gain basic nursing skills such as: Taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature); measuring urine output, measuring weights; activities of daily living (feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing a resident); catheter and perineal care; range of motion of shoulder, knee and ankle; transferring from bed to wheelchair and ambulation using gait belt. In addition to these and other skills students will learn, infection control, safety, and privacy are key areas students must adhere too. The Nursing Assistant certificate program prepares students with classroom training and practice as well as clinical experience necessary to care for patients in various settings including general medical and surgical hospitals, nursing care facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, and home health care services. Students who successfully complete the nurse aide training are eligible to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) certification examination. Students who pass the exam will have their name placed on the State nurse aide registry as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

What types of students thrive in the program and in this career field? Those who:

  • desire to work in the healthcare field
  • have compassion for the geriatric (aging) population
  • can maintain good time management in this fast-paced program

What types of jobs are available to graduates of this program? Where can they work?
Students can find employment in skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes), home health agencies, hospitals and with private duty nursing companies.