What skills do students learn in this program?
Students in the Crime Scene Investigation (Forensics) technical certificate of credit program will gain introductory exposure to knowledge and skills that relate to crime scene reconstruction, evidence collection, documentation and report writing, and courtroom testimony.

What types of students thrive in the program and in this career field? Those who:

  • have no criminal background
  • exhibit high moral character
  • are detail-oriented
  • work well in stressful environments
  • are open to flexible work schedules

What types of jobs are available to graduates of the program?
Entry-level persons will be prepared to pursue diverse opportunities in careers in forensic technology in areas such as crime scene investigation, death investigation, laboratory technology, evidence technology, and general forensic science or criminal justice fields. NOTE: Completion of this certificate does not guarantee employment.

Summer 2021 – Spring 2022 course offerings flyer (DeKalb Campus)