This program of study emphasizes hands-on production in specialized areas. Graduates of the program receive a Design and Media Production diploma with specializations in graphic design and pre-press, computer animation, television production, video & film production, or post-production technology.

What skills do students learn in this program?
Students in the Design & Media Production Technology diploma program learn the fundamentals of design, specifically the application of the principles and elements of design for projects in video, photography, 3D animation and/or graphic design.

What types of students thrive in the program and in this career field? Those who:

  • are extremely creative and are problem solvers
  • have strong visualization skills
  • are able to accept feedback and make revisions based on it

What types of jobs are available to graduates of this program? Where can they work?
Graduates can start their own businesses to support the entertainment industry or work for companies who do in a variety of capacities that include photography, animation, film, video production and television.