Submit All the Following to the Office of Admissions

Complete Application Form

New students are required to submit application via online or in-person:

Provide Transcripts and/or Foreign Credentials

  1. Official high school transcript or GED scores
    The applicant must request that official transcripts be mailed directly to the Office of the Registrar. If the transcript is in a language other than English, an official English translation is also required.

Please send your high school transcripts, copy of diplomas, GED and international documents to

  1. Foreign educational credentials evaluation
    Applicants that have completed all or part of their education outside of the United States and the United States territories are required to have their foreign educational credentials evaluated by an independent evaluation service.  Visit the International Transcripts page to receive more information about international transcript evaluations and a list of suggested evaluation service companies.

Provide Proof of College Assessments

  • Applicants must have satisfactory scores on the Accuplacer, SAT, ACT, or the ASSET Test.  The GPTC Collegeboard code is 3226.
  • The Accuplacer Test includes English, reading, and mathematics. Its purpose is to determine if a prospective student needs additional basic skills or courses before beginning a planned program of study. Visit the Accuplacer Test page for more information.

Provide Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States

Effective January 1, 2012, all students applying for in-state tuition must provide validation of lawful presence in the United States. Any non-citizen student requesting to pay at the in-state tuition rate will be required to provide verification of their lawful presence in the United States in order to be classified as an in-state student or awarded an out-of-state tuition waiver.

TCSG Procedure 6.2.2p: “Each college shall be responsible for the verification of the lawful presence in the United States of every successfully admitted student applying for Georgia resident tuition status as required by state and federal immigration laws.”

How can a student verify lawful presence?

    • Students who file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and are eligible for federal student aid will have their lawful presence verified as part of the FAFSA process.
    • A clear copy of an original or certified U.S. Birth Certificate showing the student was born in the U.S. or a U.S. territory, A U.S. Certificate of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State (DS-1350) or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240). The copy must very clearly show the raised or written seal to be acceptable.
    • A U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (USCIS form N-550 or N-570).
    • A U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (USCIS form N-560 or N-561).
    • A current U.S. Passport.
    • Unexpired Georgia and select out of state Driver’s licenses and state ID cards can be accepted under certain conditions. It must be a Real ID and not contain any of the verbiage in the chart below.   If the copy received has the top portion of the card cut off the document will not satisfy lawful presence.
    • A current military ID (service member only, not dependent). Documented using the Confirmation of Review of Military ID Worksheet – A photocopy is not acceptable.
    • A current, valid Permanent Resident Card (USCIS form I-151 or I-551). We require both the front & back sides of your Permanent Resident Card to be submitted. It must not expire before the first day of class of the term the student will start classes.
    • Students admitted on an F, J or M Visa will have their lawful presence verified through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).
    • Students admitted on any other Visa will have their lawful presence verified through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program.
State DL/ID Requirements for Acceptance
Alabama Must NOT be marked “FN”
Alaska Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
California Must NOT be marked “Limited Term.” Instruction Permits, Commercial Learner’s Permits, and temporary licenses cannot be accepted.
Delaware Must NOT be marked “Limited Term” or “Temporary”
Florida Must NOT be marked “Temporary”
Georgia Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Idaho Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Iowa Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Kentucky Must NOT be marked “Not for REAL ID purposes”
Louisiana Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Maryland Must NOT indicate “T” restriction
Missouri Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Montana Must NOT be marked “Limited Term” or “Temporary”
Nevada Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
North Carolina Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Ohio Must NOT indicate that it is “nonrenewable and nontransferable”
Oklahoma Must NOT be marked “Temporary”
South Carolina Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Tennessee Must NOT be marked “Temporary”
Texas Must NOT be marked “Limited Term” or “Temporary”
Vermont Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”
Wisconsin Must NOT be marked “Limited Term”

Any student who cannot be verified as lawfully present in the United States is not eligible to be considered for in-state tuition, regardless of how long he or she has lived in Georgia. In addition to being lawfully present in the United States, students must meet the in-state tuition requirements as outlined in TCSG Board Policy and Procedure V.B.3 to warrant an in-state classification. Students that are initially classified as out-of-state and successfully petition to have their residency changed to in-state also have to meet the verification requirement.

  • Please Note: If you submit a Georgia Driver’s License/ID with an issuance date less than 12 months or a Permanent Resident Alien Card or a Driver’s License from another state, you will be required to complete an Applicant Petition for Residence Classification Form to be considered for in-state tuition.
  • All documentation, with the exception of a birth certificate, may be hand-delivered, faxed, mailed or emailed to the Office of Admissions. A certified copy of your birth certificate can only be hand-delivered or mailed. In addition, if you have questions about submitting an appropriate verifiable document, please contact the Office of Admissions.


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