Grant Proposal Development Process

Here is a quick reference guide to the workflow of applying for a grant.

Timeline for submitting a Grant

Below is a recommended timeline for completing a grant proposal and application.  While some grant proposals and applications may not adhere to this timeline, all submissions require the approval of the OSPSI and College Leadership, initiated by the Grant Authorization Form.  GPTC reserves the right to withhold approval on submitting a grant proposal if it is determined that there is not time to submit a quality proposal and/or if the grant is not in alignment with the strategic direction of the College.

Between three to six months prior to agency deadline 1.     Ideation

Identify the need for funding.

Discuss idea with immediate supervisor.

Write a one-page action plan with budget estimate.

2.     Funding Sources

Find grant funders

Contact OSPSI for assistance with finding funding source (if needed).

3.     Submit to IRB (if applicable)

4.     Preliminary Approval

Meet with OSPSI to discuss interest in applying for a grant and outline timeline and application processes.

Between two and four months prior to agency deadline 5.     Formal Proposal Development

Meet with OSPSI to collaborate on proposal development and timeline.

Meet with partners to determine roles in the project.

Assemble required documentation for proposal submission.

Begin narrative draft.

One month prior to agency deadline 6.     Final Draft

Finalize proposal, documentation, and letters of commitment.

10 days prior to agency deadline 7.     OSPSI Final Approval

Submit Grant Authorization form, final draft proposal, and documentation to OSPSI for review.  Proposals received less than 10 days to agency due date may not be approved for submission.

Agency deadline 8.     Submission

OSPSI will be responsible for submission of the grant application to the funding agency.

One to four weeks after notification of award (NOA) through duration of grant 9.     Award Notification and Implementation

For approved applications, determination to accept or decline award.

Meeting with PI and OSPSI to begin grant implementation.

Creation of monitoring system.

Establish reporting processes and agency report deadlines

If not funded 10.  Prepare for Future Grants and/or Resubmission

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a need in your area and want to seek external funds, but are unsure how to get started, are confused on the process, or just need general assistance in the research and writing of the grant, please complete the Grant Interest Form and contact Dr. Kristin Corkhill (

Is it necessary to work with OSPSI on a grant?

Yes!  The OSPSI works as the liaison between the funding agency and the GPTC team members involved in the grant.  Any grant that is submitted by GPTC, or where the College is a partner on a grant, must be coordinated through the OSPSI.

Why does a grant proposal need approval prior to submitting?

A grant award is a legal obligation by the College to the funding agency.  Approval of a proposal by the College leadership of the impacted areas ensures that GPTC is able to implement the requirements of the grant.

How much notice is required to submit a proposal?

At minimum, 10 business days are required to review a grant proposal.  The PI will submit the proposal documentation and the Grant Authorization Form to the OSPSI to begin the internal review process.  It is recommended that you communicate with the OSPSI at the beginning of your grant search and interest in applying.  This will give you the applicant, and GPTC leadership, an understanding of the need and impact the grant will have on the College.  Refer to this TIMELINE for guidance on the steps to apply for a grant as a GPTC representative.

GPTC reserves the right to withhold approval on submitting a grant proposal if it is determined that there is not time to submit a quality proposal and/or if the grant is not in alignment with the strategic direction of the College.

Does GPTC partner with other organizations on Grants?

Yes, GPTC does collaborate with community partners and other agencies on grant initiatives that align with the College’s strategic plans.  If you are a GPTC faculty or staff member who has been contacted by an external partner, please alert the OSPSI to begin the Grant Authorization Process.  Even if GPTC is not the primary applicant on the grant initiative, we will still conduct an internal review process to determine the impact on the College with our participation.  If it is determined that GPTC is unable to commit to the partnership with the requesting external organization, the OSPSI will notify the community partner of our decision.

The proposal has been submitted, now what?

Information on how long it takes to receive notification of the decision on a grant submission is typically listed in the application.  Generally, it takes about three months to learn of a decision.

If the grant application is approved, a notification of award (NOA) will be sent to the OSPSI.  At that time, GPTC will make the determination of whether to accept or decline the award.  If GPTC accepts the award, the OSPSI will coordinate with the Office of Administrative Services, the PI, and other team members to establish the implementation of the award.

If the grant application is not approved, the OSPSI will contact the PI to review the funder’s decision.

How do we report on the progress of the grant to the funding agency?

The OSPSI will submit any documentation and reporting that is required throughout the duration of and at the close of the grant.  If your funder has requested any documentation related to the grant, please contact Dr. Kristin Corkhill (

Grant Resources

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