GPTC’s ProctorU Pricing

Students approved to take exams via ProctorU will pay ProctorU directly. The pricing tier is below:

Duration Price
60 Minutes or Less $16.00 USD
61 – 120 Minutes $21.00 USD
121 – 180 Minutes $27.00 USD

Request Approval from Instructor

If students cannot attend the instructor-led proctored event or sessions, students can request to use ProctorU to satisfy a proctored event requirement. Requests and approvals, including details of allowable testing windows, should be provided in writing.

Test System Requirements

Students must have private access to a computer and environment meeting ProctorU’s system and testing requirements.

Students should carefully review and test system requirements using the Test-Taker Resource materials. FAQ and other helpful topics are also available on the site.

Schedule a Proctoring Session with ProctorU

Once approval is received, students must create an account or log on to ProctorU to schedule the session.

ProctorU is available 24/7; however, students will need to schedule a session at least 72 hours in advance of their target session time. Instructors must establish and setup the exam details and requirements before students are able to schedule.

How It Works: Student Guide

ProctorU New Student Account Registration