(DeKalb County, August 21, 2018) – – Several students are arriving on the campus of Georgia Piedmont Technical College with scholarship money in hand as classes begin this week. The Georgia Piedmont Technical College Foundation awarded scholarships to six deserving students. Prospective recipients fill out an application form and, in some instances, submit a written essay as part of their application packets.

Signs of the new semester are abundant at Georgia Piedmont Technical College’s three campuses, with new and returning students acclimating themselves to their surroundings, trying to locate parking places, and meeting their instructors.

The college is pleased to announce that Fabrice Dash, Parrish Patton, Khin Joe Mon, Anna Weaver, Ariane Reyes-Gayle, and an additional student (wishing to remain anonymous) are the finalists for fall semester scholarships.

“I’m ecstatic about receiving this scholarship,” said Parrish Patton, who received the Five Seasons and R. Pat Rogers HVAC scholarship. “I’m planning to use the money to offset my living expenses so I can concentrate on my studies,” he said. “I’m in my fourth semester in Building Automation Systems, so earning my diploma is just around the corner. The program offered by Georgia Piedmont is excellent, so I am planning to attend school a little longer so I can get an associate degree in Building Automation Systems. I’m grateful to the donor for making this extra money possible,” Patton said.

Other students expressed their gratitude for their scholarships. “I am a single mother of four children, so I am glad to have received $500 through the Joan Lewis Memorial Scholarship. I applied for this scholarship because the college has changed its financial aid procedures,” said Anna Weaver. “One of my instructors suggested that I apply for scholarships. I applied for five scholarships and received one. However, I am so happy to be the recipient because I really want to be a teacher. My area of study is Early Childhood Care and Education. I’m planning to graduate in May of 2019,” she stated.

College officials are encouraged by initial enrollment figures for fall semester, which officially began on August 18, 2018. Approximately 2,490 students enrolled in for-credit programs, while 839 students are participating in dual enrollment. The dual enrollment program enables high school students to earn college credit while still in high school.