Georgia Piedmont Technical College is teaming up with an international leader in the semiconductor industry, Absolics, which is a subsidiary of South Korea-based SKC, to provide work-ready education and training for residents in and around Metro Atlanta. To build on the importance of providing an educated workforce in these high paying, high demand, hi-tech jobs, GPTC is implementing industry-recognized credentials as well as degrees, diplomas, and technical certificates of credit that will focus on semiconductor technician training and quality control. A signed MOU (Memo of Understanding) between the two entities cements the commitment to providing education and skills that will lead to invaluable experience for future employees of Absolics.

Drs Holston & Kim signing the MOU
March 9, 2023 – GPTC President Dr. Tavarez Holston and Absolics’ Chief Technology Officer Dr. Sung Jin Kim sign the MOU, committing to build a hi-tech workforce for Newton County and the surrounding areas.

 “To be able to partner with an organization that is so internationally respected as Absolics and SKC is incredible,” said GPTC President Dr. Tavarez Holston. “And this is what we do. Georgia Piedmont Technical College prepares its citizenry for a better life. Providing training through our economic development and academic areas for potentially hundreds of people is humbling and we can’t wait to get started! We know it will be a successful, long-standing working partnership.”

Dr. Sung Jin Kim, Chief Technology Officer of Absolics said, “GPTC is a tremendous partner of Absolics and we are thrilled to be entering into official relationship through this signing ceremony. Absolics hopes to address workforce development challenges together with GPTC. This partnership will serve to strengthen the U.S. national semiconductor manufacturing competitiveness, accelerate the introduction of semiconductor ecosystem to the state of Georgia, and vitalize the local economy in the long run.”

Absolics plans to build its Georgia facility in two phases. In November of 2022, the company broke ground on a $240 million first phase, small volume manufacturing facility in Covington. The plant is expected to be open by the end of this calendar year and will make specialized parts and materials for the semiconductor industry. To run the facility, Absolics plans to hire roughly 140 employees by 2025 consisting of office staff, research and development (R&D) engineers as well as operators and technicians across production, quality and maintenance departments.

Group of participants posing at signing ceremony
Supporters stand behind Dr. Tavarez Holston and Dr. Sung Jin Kim at the Absolics/GPTC signing ceremony. Standing are (left to right) Nwaka Mullin Hughes/Newton County, Dr. Tim Schmidt/Newton Schools, Dir. of CTAE & Workforce Innovation, Dr. John Pritchett/Newton Schools, Coordinator of CTAE & Workforce Innovation, Serra Hall/Exec. Dir., Newton Industrial Development Authority, Asher Dozier/VP of Economic Dev., Newton Industrial Development Authority, Marcello Banes/Newton Board of Commissioners Chair, Ted Cummings/GPTC Board Chair, HyungTae Kim/Absolics, Manager of Legal Affairs & Risk Mgmt, Theresa Austin-Gibbons/GPTC Board Member, and BongYeol Lee/Absolics, Engineering Manager.

The investment has been described as a game-changer for residents, particularly in Newton County. Part of the written agreement between Absolics and GPTC includes developing a STEM-focused career pipeline, as well as promoting K-12 campaigns to educate young people about STEM careers.

“The opportunity Georgia Piedmont Technical College and Absolics bring to our community and the entire State of Georgia is revolutionary,” said Serra Hall of the Newton Development Authority. “This particular partnership is special because it is going to propel our young students and adults into innovate success.”

Officials at Georgia Piedmont say the first cohort of students through economic development should be in place this summer with their training and education completed by fall. The first cohort for the traditional, credit-based credentials should be up and running by this fall.


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 About Absolics Established in 2021, Absolics is a leading provider of advanced packaging technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of high-performance computing. We offer smart, innovative services to dozens of clients globally. Please visit our website for more information:

 About SKC Co. Ltd. SKC was founded in 1976 as a company specializing in materials and has been expanding its business model to focus on high value-added materials in the areas of mobility, semiconductors, and eco-friendly. In 1996, SKC established a presence in Georgia that grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of polyester films (PET film) in North America. SKC’s Semiconductor Material Business develops and manufactures semiconductors and specialty materials. It also produces chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) pads and slurry, key materials for the semiconductor CMP process. SKC is securing future growth drivers by making inroads into mobility including copper foil, an essential material for electric vehicle (EV) battery anodes. SKC intends to grow into a top ‘Global ESG Material Solutions Company’ that specializes in advanced materials and unparalleled technology, providing new value to customers.