CLARKSTON, GA – A total of 19 students at Georgia Piedmont Technical College will be getting a big financial boost this semester, thanks to scholarships awarded through the school’s foundation. With nearly 70 percent of the student body at GPTC qualifying for the Pell federal grant, which is primarily based on financial need, these extra dollars can go a long way. The Georgia Piedmont Technical College Foundation awarded 11 scholarships to 19 students for the current (fall) semester. The scholarships focus on different programs, overall academic excellence, and/or specific populations. The average scholarship amount is just over $500 and as part of their prerequisites for accepting the scholarship, students are required to write thank-you notes to donors.

Air conditioning technology student Kevin Fleming hopes to eventually earn an associate degree in the field. Thanks to the Johnson Controls International Scholarship for Student Success, his dreams are more within reach.

“Your contribution will allow me to concentrate on what is important to me, education. Your financial generosity will allow me to be one step closer to my goal,” Fleming wrote.

Kevin Fleming
Johnson Controls Scholarship winner Kevin Fleming

Fellow air conditioning technology student Victor Reed was also chosen as a recipient of the Johnson Controls Scholarship. Had these funds not been awarded, Reed may have had to make tough choices about continuing his education.

“I was considering being a part-time student this year due to financial challenges before I received the scholarship,” Reed wrote. “Now I can continue as a full-time student and get one step closer to achieving my academic goals.”

Of being awarded the Dr. David Paul Bunnell Memorial Computer Scholarship, paralegal student Jazmine Gammage wrote, “This opportunity will allow me to be able to afford a laptop to be able to go over material at my own free will and can, in turn, continue to excel and achieve my degree in Paralegal Studies.”

Jazmine Gammage
Dr. David Paul Bunnell Memorial Computer Scholarship winner Jazmine Gammage

Practical nursing student Monique Ford earned the Payne Family Scholarship.

“I am honored and thrilled to have been chosen for this prestigious scholarship,” Ford wrote. “This will undoubtedly alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education, allowing me to focus on my studies and future career goals.”

Monique Ford
Payne Family Scholarship winner Monique Ford
Open Your Eyes – Vision Council Scholarship Helki Pruitt
Barrow Single Parent Shalicia Gill
Haleform Henbere
Shone Johnaes
Suad Katun
Barrow Fresh Start Scholarship Khristina Casey
Marco Jackson
Timothy Tsema
Dr. David Paul Bunnell Memorial Computer Scholarship Jazmine Gammage
Johnson Controls International Scholarship for Student Success Kevin Fleming
Jazymn Love
Britnie Miller
Girmaye Negera
Kenny Porter
Victor Reed
Bryan Canada CDL Scholarship Jacob Lusk
JTA Scholarship Jazmine Gammage
  Carla Grant-Hamilton
  Shalicia Gill
GPTC Achievement Scholarship Timothy Tsema
CERM Reese-Walker Scholarship Tsehaynesh Haile
Jazmynn Johnson
Omega Scholarship Michael Jackson
  Jacob Webb
Payne Family Scholarship Monique Ford

Victor Reed