Online Studies & Distance Education

The goal of distance education and online studies at Georgia Piedmont Technical College is to provide our students the opportunity to access quality instruction anytime, anywhere. Such access facilitates a barrier-free delivery of instruction through technology. GPTC offers a quality technology-based learning environment that is not bound by traditional time and space limitations.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College delivers courses and programs through Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC), an innovation of the Technical College system of Georgia (TCSG).

GPTC also offers more than 50 full academic programs that can be completed 100% online, requiring no classes on campus. See the complete list of 100% online associate degree, diploma and certificate programs.

GPTC uses Blackboard Learn for all Online, Hybrid, and Web-Enhanced courses. Blackboard is your digital gateway to various resources. Once logged into Blackboard you will be able to access:

  • Your Blackboard-enabled courses
  • Blackboard Announcements
  • Blackboard Calendar

For assistance with:

  • Single Sign-On Login for Blackboard: Call 404.297.9522, ext. 5399 or email
  • An issue with the content for your Blackboard class: email or call your instructor
  • A Blackboard issue: Chat or leave a message using the Blackboard Help (ticketing system) located down the left side of the Blackboard Login page
  • A link to your publisher content: Contact the publisher’s support line

The resources below are designed to make your transition to courses through Blackboard Learn much smoother.

Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) Help Desk

GPTC Blackboard Home Page

Blackboard Checklist (Before You Start)

Blackboard Orientation

Blackboard Help & Resources

Blackboard FAQs

Computer Needs
Students must be certain that they have all the technical requirements and ensure their computer meets the minimum hardware and software requirements to be in compliance with the online platform, Blackboard Learn 9.1. Visit the Blackboard Help & Resources page for a complete list of computer, media and browser needs.

At GPTC, we are committed to providing equal access to higher education to individuals with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. We are committed to providing all individuals the necessary tools to help them succeed. We believe that all individuals should have equal access to higher education. We strive to comply with the federal accessibility standards.

Technology can be a great tool to help students achieve success. It should not be a roadblock to student success. At GPTC, we are committed to providing all students assistance to achieve success. Each student should be able to interact with the technology in ways that work best for him or her. If you need additional assistance with course content, please contact your instructor.

In your Blackboard course, you will see a drop-down arrow to the right of all documents. By clicking the drop-down arrow, you can select a more accessible format for your needs. Go to Ally Help for Students to get more information. You can also see Ally Tutorials for Blackboard on YouTube.

Any student in need of testing or classroom accommodations due to a documented disability should contact our Disability Services Advisor.

Paula Greenwood
404.297.9522, ext. 1155