Student Success Center - Your Learning Style

ClassroomIt is widely acknowledged that people learn best in one of the four ways listed below:

Visual (learn by seeing)
Verbal/Auditory (learn by hearing)
Kinesthetic or Practical (learn by doing)
Reading/Writing (learn by processing text) *This category is not always listed.

However, after an evaluation, one may find his or her styles may overlap, or that he or she is a multi-modal learner. Multi-modal learners are people who have more than one strong learning style, though there is usually one the learner uses more often. These various learning styles or intelligences are points along a scale that help us discover the different ways our brains input and output information; they do not tell us about our character or what kind of people we are. In other words, we are capable of learning under any style or intelligence no matter what our preference or background is. Included below are several sites that offer questionnaires with detailed results that will help evaluate individual learning styles and patterns.

The sites below present helpful descriptions of learning styles, insights, study tips and signs to look out for once you know your dominant learning style.