Student Success Center - Do's & Don'ts

Tutors Do

  • Listen to ideas and answer questions

  • Ask questions to help students clarify and focus their thoughts about a paper

  • Explain rules of grammar, punctuation, and usage and work on practice exercises with students

  • Ask questions about sentences and paragraphs to help students recognize and correct their own errors

  • Demonstrate techniques students can use to edit their own papers

  • Give honest, but supportive feedback about their papers

  • Suggest, demonstrate, or model practices that improve reading and writing

  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own work

  • Show students how to get the most out of their textbooks and introduce students to other resources including websites, student solution manuals, and handouts

  • Outline steps in solving problems

  • Help students learn to use the word processor to type and revise their papers

  • Show students how to brainstorm, narrow a topic, and organize their mechanics

Tutors Don't

  • Serve as a copy editor for students

  • Rewrite sentences in students' papers

  • Tell students what readings mean

  • Introduce tutor's ideas into students' papers

  • Complete students' work for them

  • Predict students' grades on assignments

  • Encourage or support criticism of instructors, assignments, or textbooks

  • Allow students to access solution manuals without assistance