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Computerized Learning

SkillsTutorSkillsTutor helps to quickly increase your academic achievement! Georgia Piedmont Technical College students utilize SkillsTutor to refresh core academic skills. Over 1600 basic skills and thinking skills lessons focus on the fundamentals of learning. Students feel comfortable practicing skills in an engaging environment similar to standardized tests. SkillsTutor is delivered online and can be used as in conjunction with your professor's curriculum or as a one-on-one tutoring resource. Individualized instruction, diagnostic testing, prescriptive assignments and automatic reporting are all available to assist you as you increase your academic skills!

Ellis AcademicEllis Academic
A complete, enhanced solution for teaching and learning the English language. With over 1,300 hours of instruction, ELLIS Academic combines digital audio and video, voice recording, Role- play, and native language support to create an engaging, research-based environment for every level of English language training.
FOCUS Career and Education Planning Solutions

Focus – Career & Education Planning
Focus will help you develop an accurate picture of your personal strengths, needs, and preferences; and will help you develop a sound career plan.

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Self-exploration assessments will profile your interests, skills, values, personality, educational preferences and leisure preferences using nationally recognized reliable and valid instruments. You will then go on to explore careers that match your profiles. Learn about the expected earnings at the national and state level, job outlook, duties, educational requirements, courses, degrees and certificates required the skills needed, specific working conditions and much more! FOCUS will give you the tools you need to help you narrow down your options and solidify your plans. Once you complete your assessments, FOCUS will assist you with resume creation, job search, and for those who are interested in pursuing advanced degrees, graduate school search.

PasskeyPassKey Learning System
The key to improved test scores! PassKey is a diagnostic and practice software program for self-paced instruction in math, reading and writing. PassKey can be used by instructors to supplement their course instruction, as a preparation for standardized tests, as extra help for at-risk students, and is ideal for elementary through adult education.