Spanish Programs

Do you need the language tools to help you communicate with your employees, customers, and clients?

With our rapidly changing demographics, Spanish language skills are an asset to any enterprise.  This training gives you and your employees the terms and phrases specific to your industry. No grammar is taught and no prior knowledge of Spanish is required. Classes are highly interactive. Participation exercises help students practice pronunciation and retain what they have learned. DeKalb Tech’s Economic Development Department is pleased to offer the following Command Spanish Inc.® or Workplace Spanish® training.

Over 30 programs are available. The most popular programs are listed below:

Construction & Landscaping
Warehouse & Manufacturing   
Government Services
Human Resources
Customer Service
Medical & Dental Staff
Retail & Restaurant
Police, Corrections, Firefighters & EMT’s
Real Estate

Students receive their own manual with accompanying CD’s (with an 8 person/8 hour minimum).
Training includes a day of shadowing of the organization and/or employees by the instructor to finely customize the program. Classes can be taught at your site according to your work schedule.

In addition, several courses may be taught in Spanish:

  • Cursos en Español Montacargas (Forklift safety and operation) 6 horas
  • Lectura de Planos (Blueprint Reading) 12 horas
  • Introducción a Computadoras (Introduction to Computers) 8 horas

DeKalb Tech will be happy to set up customized training classes. Classes can be set up on-site or at one of our convenient locations.

Call (404) 297-9522 ext.5000 for additional information.

“I participated in the 12 hour Workplace Spanish for Realtor’s class with Lanie Bevan earlier this year and wanted to express my thanks for an exceptional program. I was able to acquire critical vocabulary that I used immediately after the program was over. The day after the class ended one of our builders ran a radio ad for one of his subdivisions on the radio station VIVA and my name was listed as a contact person. Because of the class I was able to effectively communicate with the Hispanic buyers that inquired about buying a home. I could give them basic information about our constructions, phone numbers of lenders and answer some of their questions. I am looking forward to some future sales and referrals. The class was a terrific introductory for those hoping to learn the language enough to make their clients feel welcome and valuable.”

Andrea Berlin
Peggy Slappy Properties