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Nursing is one of today's top careers – and there is high demand for professionals who can combine a mind for science with a passion for patient care. Our Practical Nursing program provides academic and occupational courses with a variety of clinical experiences so that graduates are prepared to enter the fast-paced world of medicine and healthcare immediately upon graduation. The program is designed to prepare graduates to successfully complete the NCLEX-PN for licensure as a practical nurse.

Our program has four prerequisite courses that must be completed with a minimum grade of C in each course before the student can go through the selection process. These courses include:

  • ENGL 1101 – Composition and Rhetoric (*ENG 1102)
  • MATH 1013 – Basic Algebra (*MATH 11XX)
  • PSYC 1010 – Basic Psychology (*PSY 1101)
  • ALHS 1011 – Anatomy and Physiology (* both BIOL 2113 and BIOL 2114)

*Acceptable course substitutions

All prerequisite classes are taught both on the DeKalb and Newton campuses and may be taken on either campus or online, if offered. After completion of the prerequisites, students are eligible to go through the selection process. There is no waiting list for the Practical Nursing Program.

The PN Department will host Information Sessions prior to each Selection Process. They will be held  the last week in April and the last week in July. Pertinent information regarding entry into the program will be discussed.

The PN Selection Process will be held in the first two weeks of June and  the last two weeks of September of each year. Notification will be posted on the college website. If selected during the summer Selection Process, the class start date will be fall semester (August). If chosen during the fall PN Selection Process, the class start date will be spring (January). In order to participate in selection, all prerequisite classes must be completed by the end of the semester before selection. For example, a student must have all prerequisites completed by the end of spring semester to participate in June selection.

The Practical Nursing program currently uses the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills version 6 (ATI TEAS v. 6). The TEAS is a standardized exam that evaluates the student’s proficiency in English, grammar, reading for comprehension, math, and high school level sciences including life science, biology and anatomy and physiology. A study guide and other resources are available and may be purchased at by going to the website, clicking on the Online Store link, choosing TEAS Products, then choosing ATI TEAS version 6 materials. 

Selection Instructions

Students who have completed the prerequisites must take the examination at the DeKalb or Newton Campus in the Assessment Center during the month of June or September. Scores from other testing centers will not be accepted.  There is a fee for the TEAS examination. The fee must be paid by credit card, debit or gift card (with VISA logo) when registering at website.

Students meeting or exceeding the national mean score for the exam will go on to the next step of the selection process. The following documents must be submitted to the PN advisors:

  • Banner Web Transcript documenting completion of all prerequisite courses including those courses taken at GPTC and courses transferred from other institutions. 
  • Transcript must include a letter grade for each prerequisite course.
  • Minimum grade for each prerequisite is C.
  • Student Information and Contact Sheet, obtained from PN advisors when coming to campus to submit above documents

There will be a deadline date for submission of the above documents to your PN Advisor. No documents will be accepted after the announced deadline.

Students scoring below the national mean on the ATI TEAS during selection will not be eligible for entry into the program.  Those students may retest during the next selection process. Please keep in mind that the national average may vary slightly with each test.  Please keep in mind that the national average may vary slightly with each test.

Faculty will calculate GPAs of the students who pass the TEAS. GPAs are calculated using only the four prerequisite classes, not the overall GPA.

Guidelines for GPA Calculation:

  • The highest grade earned in ENGL, MATH, and PSYC will be use for the calculation
  • ALHS 1011 must be repeated if five (5) years or older at the time of admission to the program and can only have been attempted twice since 2010.  Withdrawals or failures count as an attempt.
  • The highest ALHS 1011 grade earned will be used for the calculation, except when the second attempt results in a withdrawal or a failure. Students having a withdrawal or failure for the second attempt will no longer be eligible for the Practical Nursing program.
  • If used as a course substitution for ALHS 1011, Biology 2113 and 2114 must be repeated if 10 years or older at time of program admission

The TEAS score is multiplied by the GPA for a total point value. This equation gives the TEAS score and GPA equal value. For example, if a student's TEAS score is 78% and the student's GPA is 3.4, his combined score is 265.2.

The nursing department will notify the twenty-eight (28) candidates with the highest point scores of their acceptance into the program via GPTC student email.  Personal email addresses will not be used.  Those twenty-eight candidates will be invited to attend a mandatory orientation meeting. The student's presence and punctuality at the meeting signifies his or her desire to accept and maintain a seat in the nursing program. Students not in attendance or who are tardy for the meeting will forfeit their seat in the program.

Students who pass the TEAS but are not selected may choose to keep their TEAS scores for the next selection.  They may do so by emailing the program director and requesting the TEAS score be kept on file for the next selection.

For any other questions regarding the Practical Nursing Program, please contact the nursing faculty at 770-786-9522 or 404-294-9522.

Faculty Advisors:
Melanie Kramber - Students whose last names begin with A-F
Kaye Henry – Students whose last names begin with G-L
Trevi Leon – Students whose last names begin with M-S
Denise Beckford – Students whose last names begin with T-Z