Maintenance Assessment and Training

Every day businesses are becoming more dependent on highly automated manufacturing systems. The companies with the brightest futures all have employees who are trained for the future. That's why our Economic Development division has a program to help your company improve employee skills in the areas of mechanical and electrical maintenance. Our program delivers comprehensive assessments and training to your employees with dramatic results. Your company will not only benefit from having a better trained workforce, but also gain a competitive edge in today's global environment.

No one needs all of our training. Your employees have differing degrees of skill. So rather than give your people unnecessary instruction, we take time to find out exactly what each employee needs. Written as well as hands on evaluations may be administered at you place of business or ours. The written assessments are divided into Electrical and Mechanical. Each test topis is about 40 minutes in duration and you may choose which topics to administer. A customized graph will be developed to identify gap training needs.

Our training starts with an evaluation process that usually takes place at a certified assessment center. Our assessment team consists of a team leader, three to four certified assessors, a scheduler, and a data entry specialist.

The mechanical maintenance assessment program includes the following areas:

  • Motors and couplings
  • Belts, chains and shafts
  • Bearings and seals
  • Lubrication
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Gears, drives, and clutches
  • Benchwork

The electrical maintenance assessment program also covers a broad range of skills with topics that include:

  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical blueprints
  • Test equipment
  • Motors and generators
  • Control devices
  • Programmable Logic Control
  • Power distribution


The analysis from the assessments are displayed on bar graphs and other printouts that give both the individual and the company a full summary of the results and provide recommendations for training. Moreover, employees are individually counseled on their performance.

The purpose of this training evaluation isn't to use the test for hiring, promoting, firing, or providing pay-for-skills data. The purpose is to improve performance, improve your business and improve the confidence and skill level of each person who we work with in your company.


To make sure your company's skill level improves, we follow up our assessment with high quality training programs, each specially developed to address any needs identified in the assessment.

Instruction is provided in a classroom format, supervised individual study, online programs, or a combination of these. The important thing is not to simply provide materials, but to provide real learning and improvement. And our methods do just that.

Of course, throughout this whole process, your company will be a full partner every step of the way. We believe that cooperation is the best way to succeed in meeting training objectives which result in a more productive workforce.

That keeps both your business and our community strong, competitive and productive, and that's what DeKalb's technical education system is all about.