Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing practices minimize waste by decreasing time between a customer order and shipment.  If successfully implemented, it can affect radical improvements to a company’s productivity, bottom line, customer satisfaction, timeliness, employee morale and many other cost-cutting and quality initiatives.

Lean Manufacturing practices have brought these benefits to manufacturers:

Reduced cycle time
Improved first-pass yields
Reduced customer order lead-time
Increased on-time deliveries
Decreased inventories
Reduced space requirements
Reduced scrap and rework
Decreased working capital
Increased profitability

During a one-day, performance-based workshop strategies for incremental implementation of practices are discussed.   Each attendee participates in a hands-on manufacturing activity based on “traditional” manufacturing practices.  A contrasting scenario of  “Lean Manufacturing Practices and Principles” follows this.

Who benefits from this training? 
Owners, Presidents, and CEOs
Plant Managers
Manufacturing Process Engineers
Maintenance Managers
Operations Managers
Human Resource Managers
Any person involved in the production process

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