Program Review


The Program Review Process is designed to provide consistency and standardization to the periodic evaluation of educational programs, both credit and continuing education. Each program or continuing education area is reviewed on an annual basis to identify strengths and weaknesses, examine and determine its effectiveness, and develop/implement strategies and methods to improve the instructional process.

Method of Evaluation
The program review process occurs in concert with completion of the state-mandated Performance Accountability System documents and follows the same timelines.  Results of program reviews are utilized in the college-wide Planning and Evaluation System as a basis for developing operational plans for improvement.

During the review process, program faculty and instructional administrator(s) evaluate the program or continuing education area based upon stated criteria. Program faculty will determine the degree of compliance with stated criteria.  Each statement of criteria is rated according to the degree of compliance. A response of "Yes" represents agreement with the criterion and indicates that the program or continuing education area satisfies the criterion.  Criterion checked "No" represent potential deficiencies in the area. An explanation or documentation of findings in the form of assessment results must be provided in instances of these responses.

Quality Curriculum Initiative (QCI)
In order to comply with accreditation requirements and standards, DeKalb Faculty are in the process of reviewing over 500 courses, writing common syllabi, and developing student learning outcomes.  They will also review over 130 programs and writing program learning outcomes for each.  These outcomes will be assessed and improvements will be made to programs and courses as a result.  This project started in 2006 and will continue until 2011.