College-Wide Goals


College Goal 1: Promote student success by providing access to programs, services and support systems

1. Support recruitment and marketing efforts
2. Assess and monitor course and program offerings and emerging workforce trends to meet student, business and industry needs
3. Provide staff development for all employees to enhance delivery of quality customer service
4. Monitor the College’s retention rates

College Goal 2: Provide quality program offerings that support:

  • the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for
  • fulfillment of goals, abilities and interests
    employment and career success

1. Prepare graduates who are trained for current and future high skill, high demand jobs
2. Provide staff development for all faculty to enhance performance and knowledge of educational methodologies
3. Promote program Advisory Committee involvement and contribution regarding program options
4. Ensure the integration of work ethics into the curriculum

College Goal 3: Demonstrate accountability and effectiveness through:

  • the procurement and efficient use of resources
  • appropriate leadership and management practices

1. Create and communicate a collegiate culture and image evidenced by innovative thought, calculated risk-taking and participatory conflict resolution
2. Provide staff development, facilities, resources and support necessary for effective and efficient execution of position responsibilities
3. Implement a 360 degree evaluation system in which all colleagues are evaluated by those who report to them and for those to whom they report
4. Promote and provide opportunities for leadership development
5. Promote integrated cross-campus programs and schedules through effective planning and communication
6. Establish a collegiate culture and image that is inclusive of the diverse communities served

College Goal 4: Enhance economic development of the region through workforce development, job training and partnerships that add value to the communities served
Expand and strengthen existing economic development programs by offering flexible schedules of credit and non-credit courses that reflect occupational training needs of local business and industry partners

Goal Statements, Objectives, Benchmarks and Data Sources

TCSG Strategic Goals to 2015