Gainful Employment Information

Job Placement Information by program

Gainful Employment information by program

Accounting – AC12

Air Conditioning Technology
Air Conditioning Technology – ACT2

Automotive Technology
Automotive Fundamentals – AF12
Automotive Technology – AT14

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance – BAF2

Barbering – BA12

Basic Law Enforcement Academy
Basic Law Enforcement – BL11

Building Automation Systems Technician
Building Automation Systems Technician – BAS4

Business Technology
Business Technology – BA22

Business Management
Business Management – MD12
Human Resource Management – HR12
Transit Systems Manager – TSM2

Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial Refrigeration – CR12

Computer Graphics & Design
Drafting Technology – DT12

Computer Information Systems
Computer Programming – CP24
Computer Support Specialist – CS14
Database Specialist – DS14
Networking Specialist – NS14

Cosmetology – CO12

Criminal Justice Technology
Criminal Justice Technology – CJT2

Design & Media Production Technology
Design & Media Production Technology – DEM2       

Early Childhood Care and Education
Early Childhood Care and Education – ECC2

Electronics Technology
Electronics Fundamentals – EF12
Electronics Technology – ET14

Fire Science
Fire Science – FST2

Health Information Coding
Health Information Management Coding – HI12

Marketing Management
Marketing Management – MM12

Medical Assisting
Medical Assisting – MA22

Motorcycle Service Technology
Motorcycle Service Technology – MST2

Nursing - Practical
Practical Nursing – PN12

Opthalmic Dispensing
Opticianry – OP14

EMS Professions – EP12
Paramedic Technology – PT12

Transit Maintenance
Bus Maintenance Technician – BMT2
Mobility/Light Vehicle Technician – MLV2
Transit Electric Power & Equipment Technician – EPT2
Transit Electronics Technician – TET2

Welding and Joining Technology
Welding and Joining Technology – WAJ2