Student Affairs

V. Student Affairs

GPTC Policy V.: Evaluation of Student Affairs

  1. Statement of Equal Opportunity
  2. Admissions and Assessment
    1. GPTC Policy: V.B.1. Admission of Students
    2. TCSG Policy: V.B.2. Assessment
    3. GPTC Policy: V.B.3 Residency
    4. GPTC Policy: V.B.4 Registration Overrides
    5. GPTC Policy: V.B.5 New Student Orientation
    6. GPTC Procedure: Drop/Add
  3. Student Handbook
  4. Student Conduct Codes
    1. GPTC Procedure: Attendance/Withdrawal
    2. GPTC Procedure: Student Discipline
  5. TCSG Policy: V.E. Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act
  6. TCSG Policy: V.F. Satisfactory Academic Progress
  7. TCSG Policy: V.G. Student Grade Point Average
    1. GPTC Policy: V.G.1. Grading Policy and Reporting
    2. GPTC Policy: V.G.2. Satisfactory Academic Progress
  8. TCSG Policy: V.H. Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals
  9. TCSG Policy: V.I. Field Trips
    1. GPTC Policy: V.I.1. – Off-Campus Learning Experiences
  10. Student Records
    1. GPTC Policy: V.J.1. Student Record Management
    2. GPTC Procedure: Student Appeal: Contents of Educational Records
  11. TCSG Policy: V.K. Student Tuition and Fees
    1. GPTC Policy: V.K.1. Fee Refunds
  12. TCSG Policy: V.L. National Emergencies
  13. TCSG Policy: V.M. Student Accident Insurance
  14. TCSG Policy: V.O. Campus Security
  15. TCSG Policy: V.P. Student Organizations and Activities
    1. GPTC Policy: V.P.1. Student Fundraising Activities
    2. VSO Activity Student Approval Form
  16. TCSG Policy: V.Q. Student Activity Fund
  17. Student Grievance Procedures
    1. GPTC Policy: V.R.1. Student Academic Appeals
    2. GPTC Procedure: Student Appeal: Academic Suspension
    3. GPTC Procedure: Request for Grade Adjustment

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