Mission and System of Governance

  1. Mission and System of Governance
    1. GPTC Mission Statement
    2. Statement Of Equal Opportunity
    3. State Board
      1. TCSG Policy I.C.1. Responsibilities and Authority
        1. TCSG Policy: I.C.1.a. Bylaws
        2. TCSG Policy: I.C.1.b. Compensation and Expenses
        3. TCSG Policy: I.C.1.c. Ethical Responsibilities
      2. TCSG Policy: I.C.2. President Emeriti
      3. TCSG Policy: I.C.3. Naming of Buildings
    4. Local Board Of Directors
      1. Local Board Responsibilities and Authority
        1. Local Board Bylaws
    5. Office of the Commissioner
      1. TCSG Policy: I.E.1.Commissioner Responsibilities and Authority
      2. TCSG Policy: I.E.2. Agency Strategic Planning
      3. Statement of Accreditation
      4. Substantive Change
    6. Technical Colleges
      1. Employment of Presidents
      2. Responsibilities and Authority of Technical College Presidents
      3. Strategic Planning
        1. Institutional Effectiveness System
      4. College Committees
      5. Public Complaint Policy

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