Human Resources

III. Human Resources

A. Statement of Equal Opportunity
  1. TCSG Procedure: Unlawful Harassment of Staff
  2. TCSG Procedure: Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination of Students
    1. GPTC Policy: III. A. 2. 1. Sexual Misconduct
    2. Procedure: Reporting and Processing Complaints Alleging Sexual Misconduct
B. Recruiting and Hiring
  1. TCSG Policy: III.B.1. Verifying Employment Eligibility
    GPTC Policy: III. B. 1. Faculty Credentials
  2. GPTC Policy: III.B.2. Medical and Physical Examination Program
  3. GPTC Policy: III. B. 3. Employee Transcripts
C. Job Descriptions
D. TCSG Procedure: III.D. Categories of Employment
E. Verification of Employment
F. Employment Contracts
G. Performance Evaluation and Salary Compensation
H. TCSG Policy: III.H. Promotions
  1. GPTC Policy: III.H.1. Selection of Division Chairs
I. Terminations, Demotions, and Separations from Employment
J. TCSG Policy: III.J Reduction in Force
K. Nepotism
L. Ethical Responsibilities
  1. TCSG Policy: III.L. Political Activity
  2. TCSG Policy: III.L.2. Consensual Relationships
  3. TCSG Procedure – Gifts, Honoraria, and Expenses
  4. TCSG Procedure – Standards of Business Conduct
M. Employee Grievance Procedures
N. Personnel Files
O. Drug-Free Workplace
P. TCSG Policy: III.P. Defense and Indemnification
Q. Normal Working Schedule
R. Instructional Staff Work Assignments
S. Travel
T. Positive Discipline
U. Compensation and Related Benefits
  1. GPTC Education Advancement Compensation
  2. TCSG Policy: III.U.1.Payroll Deductions
    1. GPTC Foundation Payroll Deduction Form
  3. TCSG Policy III.U.2. Automatic Deposit of Net Pay Program
    1. GPTC Authorization for Direct Deposit Form
  4. Overtime and Compensatory Time
  5. TCSG Policy III.U.4.Flexible Benefits Programs
  6. TCSG Policy: III.U.5. Retirement
    1. GPTC Policy: III.U.5.a Emeritus Status
    2. GPTC TRS Declaration of Retirement Status for Retiree Returning to Work Form
  7. Leave
  8. TCSG Policy: III.U.7. FMLA
  9. Staff Development
    1. GPTC Policy: III.U.8.a. Membership in Professional Organizations
    2. GPTC Policy: III.U.8.b. Employee Volunteerism
  10. TCSG Policy: III.U.9. Holidays
  11. Workers' Compensation
  12. TCSG Policy: III.U.11 Tuition Remission and Reimbursement for Approved Staff Development
  13. TCSG Procedure: Other Employment
    1. TCSG Form: Standard Request for Approval of Other Employment
    2. TCSG Form: Special Request for Approval of Other Employment
V. TCSG Policy: III.V. Gifts
W. TCSG Policy: III.W. Background Investigations
X. TCSG Policy: III.X. Workplace Violence
Y. Volunteer Services and Job Training Participants
Z. Employee Assistance Program

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III.Q. Teleworking

TCSG Policy: III. Q. Normal Working Schedule

TCSG Procedure: Work Away

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