II. Administration
Organizational Divisions
  GPTC Organizational Chart
 A. Fiscal Management
  Financial Overview
1. Budget
    a. Annual Budget Requests and Operating Budgets
2. Accounting
3. GPTC Foundation
    a. Foundation Scholarships
 B. Purchasing and Contracts
 C. Operational Policies
  1. Maintenance of Facilities and Grounds
2. Use of Vehicles
3. Use of Campus Facilities
4. Acceptable Computer and Internet Use
5. TCSG Policy: II.C.6 Use of Telecommunications Equipment
6. TCSG Policy: II.C.6. Use of Alcohol
7. Use of Tobacco
8. TCSG Policy: II.C.8 Records Management
     GPTC Policy: II.C.8.a. Records Retention
9. Inventory Management
10. TCSG Policy: II.C.10. Firearms, Weapons and Explosives Policy
11. Severe Inclement Weather
12. TCSG Policy: II.C.12. Real Property Acquisitions and Leases
13. TCSG Policy: II.C.13. Business Email Archiving, Retention, and Investigation Procedure
14. TCSG Policy: II.C.14. Open Records Act
 D. Risk Management
  1. Emergency Operations and Safety Plan
2. Campus Safety
3. Environmental Compliance
    a. TCSG Policy II.D.3.a. Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens
            i. GPTC Exposure Control Plan
     b. TCSG Policy: II.D.3.b. Occupational Exposure to Air Borne Pathogens/Tuberculosis
     c. TCSG Policy II.D.3.c.Hazardous Materials
            i. GPTC Procedure: Written Hazard Communication Program
            ii. GPTC Hazard Communication Contractor Statement Form
     d. TCSG Policy: II.D.3.d. Environmental Protection
4. TCSG Policy: II.D.4. Children or Other Dependents at Work
5. Dress Code
 E. Intellectual Property
  1. TCSG Policy: II.E.1. Intellectual Property