Academic Administration

IV. Academic Administration

  1. TCSG Mission Statement
  2. TCSG Statement Of Equal Opportunity
  3. Academic Freedom
    1. GPTC Policy: IV.C.1. Participation and Jurisdiction of Faculty in Academic Affairs
  4. Institutional, General Program and Program Specific Standards
    1. GPTC Policy: IV.D.1. Programs of Study
    2. GPTC Policy: IV.D.2. Course Syllabus
    3. GPTC Policy: IV.D.3. Learning Resources
    4. GPTC Policy: IV.D.4. Proctored Academic Activities
    5. GPTC Policy: IV.D.5. Contractual Agreements for Student Learning Experiences
    6. GPTC Policy: IV.D.6. Distance Learning
    7. GPTC Policy: IV.D.7. Textbook Selection and Requisitions
    8. GPTC Policy: IV.D.8. Program Review and Evaluation
    9. GPTC Policy: IV.D.9. Academic Records Retention
  5. Technical Advisory Committees
  6. TCSG Policy: IV.F. Service Delivery Areas
  7. TCSG Policy: IV.G. Technical College Calendars
    1. GPTC Calendar: June 2011-July 2012
    2. GPTC Calendar: June 2012-July 2013
  8. TCSG Policy: IV.H. Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, & Technical Certificate of Credit Programs
    1. GPTC Policy: IV.H.1 Graduation Requirements
    2. GPTC Policy: IV.H.2. Commencement
  9. TCSG Policy: IV.I. Warranty of Degree, Diploma, & Technical Certificate of Credit Graduates
    1. GPTC Procedure: IV.I.1.Warranty Claim
  10. TCSG Policy: IV.J. Articulation and Transfer
    1. GPTC Policy: IV.J.1. Acceptance of Transfer Credits
    2. GPTC Policy: IV.J.2. College Credit by Exam
    3. GPTC Policy: IV.J.3. College Credit for Experiential Learning
    4. GPTC Policy: IV.J.4. Guidelines for Granting Transient Status
  11. TCSG Policy: IV.K. Cooperative Programs With Regents' Institutions
  12. TCSG Policy: IV.L. College Campuses
  13. Instructional Live Work Projects
  14. TCSG Policy: IV.N. Non-Credit Instruction
  15. TCSG Policy: IV.O. Quick Start
  16. TCSG Policy: IV.P. Programs for Adult Literacy
  17. TCSG Policy: IV.Q. General Education Development (GED) Testing and Diplomas
  18. TCSG Policy: IV.R. Program Approval and Termination
    1. GPTC Policy: IV.R.1 Academic Policy, Curriculum and Course Proposals

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IV.E. Technical Advisory Committees

TCSG Policy: IV.E. Technical Advisory Committees

GPTC Occupational Advisory Committee Handbook  Word   PDF