Conference Center @ GA Piedmont Technical College

I. What are your normal hours of operation?

Monday: Closed except for events
Tuesday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm
Friday: Closed except for events
Hours for Events:   
Weekdays:  8a – 11pm
Weekends: 9am – 1am

II. Is it possible to rent the center before or after the normal hours of operation?

Yes, it is possible to rent the center prior to or after our normal hours.  To enter prior to 7:30 Monday- Friday OR 8:30a Saturday - Sunday, an additional $50 fee is assessed.  As a State of GA college, our policy is to close our doors as the times shown above.   

III. What do I need to do to make a reservation?

Reservations are confirmed after the Reservation Request Form, Rental Agreement, and Deposit are submitted.  The deposit is a combination of a $200 refundable deposit PLUS 25% of the room rental. 
After complet

IV. For how many hours can I rent the facility?

The Conference Center is rented in increments with a minimum six (6) hour block.  Your block of time includes set up prior to and clean up after the event.  If you need more time, additional hours can be purchased with advance notice. 

V. Can we come in early to decorate?

Your set up and decorating is included in the total block of hours you purchase.  If you need additional time to decorate, please see the rate sheet for hourly fees.  Also, speak with your decorator or coordinator about the amount of time you purchased.  When planning for the setup and breakdown of elaborate décor, a 6-hour block may not allow enough time.

VI. What is your cancellation policy?

    • Events cancelled 45+ days in advance will receive a refund minus $100 non-refundable portion of the deposit.
    • Events cancelled 30 - 45 days prior to the event will forfeit the 25% deposit plus the $200 refundable deposit.
    • Events cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event will receive NO REFUND.
    • GPTC Economic Development reserves the right to cancel any event in cases of extraordinary circumstances with a full refund.

VII. Do you have a microphone and other audio / visual services? 

Yes, we have podiums, microphones and other A/V equipment.  Two hours of projector use are included in the rental fee. If more than 2 hours are needed, an hourly rate is assessed.  (Refer to the Reservation form for up to date pricing)

Feel free to bring your AV technician to manage your needs or we can provide one at a starting rate of $250 for 4 hours.  Additional cost may be incurred based on the complexity of your AV needs. If your needs include more than one slide show or presentation, advise us of your specific plans at least 30 days or more in advance.  

Also, note that only GPTC staff have access to the AV booth.  This area cannot be used for storage, sitting, or picture taking.  Your AV person will manage presentations from your main podium or from a 2nd podium setup in the back of the room for an extra $100.  If your camera person desires to video or take pictures from the booth, the fee is $50.

VIII. Is a piano available?  If so, what is the cost?  

The piano is housed in the pre-function hall and the rates listed are for up to 2–hours.   
Add $75 for every additional hour needed.
$   50     internal playlist (self play) where located
$ 100     your pianist where located

For in-room usage, an additional $75 moving charge is assessed.  Discuss plans and details with office personnel.

IX. Do you have catering services?

We have an approved list of caterers.  They know our building procedures and have consistently provided excellent food and service. You can however use an outside caterer for an additional fee of $150.  We ask that you provide their business license and liability insurance and if not, we’ll need you to sign a damage waiver.  

X. Do you have linen for rent?  What color and type?

We have beige, chocolate and white linen for our 60” rounds.  For 6 ft. tables, we have black, white and chocolate spandex and beige skirts. For the 36” highboy tables, we have white and black spandex.  Our inventory is limited but by working with other vendors, we can also provide linen in a variety of colors, styles and fabrics.  A range of fees are listed on the Reservation Request form.

XI. Do you have a full kitchen?

The Conference Center has a warming caterer’s kitchen that houses a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, ice machine, dishwasher, and warming oven. There are two sinks and plenty of counter space.  At times, caterers will need to share kitchen space since we host several events at once.  Be sure to read over the Caterer’s and Kitchen guidelines.  We ask you to leave the kitchen in the same condition you found it.

XII. Can we serve alcohol?

Yes, we allow alcohol.  There is an additional cost of $250 for a police officer to be on the premises per every 250 guests.  For over 250 guests, the rate is $400 for two officers. You can also provide your own officer.  Please discuss your plans with Conference Center staff for more details.

  • A licensed bartender must serve alcohol.
  • No alcohol served after 11pm
  • BYOB and CASH BARs are prohibited

XIII. What is the average price for your rooms? 

We have a small meeting room available for $150.  Our banquet hall divides into five smaller rooms with a starting rate of $590. The entire center can be rented for 10 hours for $3950. (Fees are subject to change)  You can rent for more hours and we allow for 3-4 hour rentals for clients with multiple events (monthly meetings, etc.)

XIV. What size are the tables?  What are the sizes of the dance floor and stage?   

6 ft. x 2ft. and 8ft x 2 ft rectangle
60” Rounds
36” Rounds with adjustable heights - Café style (low) to 37” (High)

Chairs:          500 with arms, 35 armless 

Stage:            Four 6’ x 8’ pieces ($50 per piece)

Dance Floor:  The average size for a dance floor ranges from 15’ x 15’ to 21’ x 21’ but our dance floor can be designed for a variety of sizes.   

XV. Can we hire someone from you to clean up afterwards?

Sometimes we can provide assistance with removing trash and mopping the kitchen, atrium and rear hall floors.  Fees start at $100 and services are limited to pulling trash from cans, trash bag replacement, taking bags to dumpster and mopping floors.  We do not remove trash from tables (plates, cups, etc.)  Excessive trash or debris on floor could result in loss of deposit. 

If interested in this option, contact the Conference Center Director after your reservation is complete. 

XVI. Do you have another location?

Yes, we have a Conference Center in Covington.  For more information about our Newton D Center, check out www.gptc.edu/ncc