Student Success Center

Partners Enhancing Student Success

The mission statement
The mission of the Student Success Center is to improve student retention by preventing academic problems from becoming the reason for non- attainment of educational goals.

Purpose and need
Georgia Piedmont Technical College is committed to meeting the needs of its customers, the students. Many of the students admitted to the College are not program ready and are admitted on a provisional status in learning support. These students require academic assistance, with study skills, time and stress management and test taking skills. Students who are program ready also experience difficulties throughout their program of study and require academic assistance.

About the center
The services of the Student Success Center will address the academic needs of the traditional and non-traditional student, the academically and economically disadvantage student, and students for whom English is a second language. Students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. Researchers report that students working in small groups tend to absorb more of what is taught, retain it longer and do better on exams.

Open to all registered Georgia Piedmont Technical College students, the Student Success Center offers free academic tutoring services based on learning styles and individual student needs. The Center is equipped with computerized tutorials which are designed to help students improve skills in math, reading and English. These tutorials encourage each student to become actively involved in the thinking skills necessary for effective problem solving. In addition to computerized tutorials, students can receive help from an expert instructional staff member through individual or group tutoring. Throughout the semester, class orientation sessions will be offered on a variety of topics such as study and test taking skills, stress and time management, building self-esteem, and career decision making.

To assist with career decision making, the Center uses FOCUS II. This online assessment tool helps students to develop an accurate picture of personal strengths, needs, and preferences to formulate an appropriate career plan. Students learn about expected earnings at national/state levels, job outlook, duties, educational programs, courses, degrees, certificates required, skills needed and specific working conditions.

The Limited English Proficiency Lab (LEP)
Provides remediation and language assistance to credit students identified as LEP. The lab is equipped with the ELLIS interactive software that addresses language-specific challenges of LEP students (grammar, reading, vocabulary and listening). Bilingual tutors are available to assist students in setting up an instructional plan to work on areas of weaknesses in English and reading.

Other services and resources provided by the center:

  • FREE Tutoring in math, reading, English, and other subjects

  • PassKey and SkillsTutor Computerized Learning Systems for math, reading and writing

  • ESL/EFL resources

  • FOCUS II- FOCUS Career and Educational Planning System

  • COMPASS Prep workshops and handouts for math, reading and writing

  • Computer and internet access

  • Class orientation workshops

  • TutorTrac

  • Tips for Success handouts