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Services to Employers

Solid partnerships with local, state, and national businesses are developed by aiding Human Resource professional and/or hiring managers in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of well-qualified employees. Employers are encouraged to conduct on-site recruiting activities at Georgia Piedmont Technical College as frequently as needed. These activities may include interviewing on-campus, making presentations to students on their specific organizations, facilitating workshops on career-related subjects for students, and/or participating in Career Fairs.

Let the Office of Career Services work with you! We offer:

  • FREE Referral Service
  • Qualified Applicant Pool (for full and part-time positions)
  • FREE job/resume matching service
  • Student Interns
  • On-site Recruiting Opportunities

You may send us your employment listings in one of four ways:

Georgia Piedmont Tech Guarantees Graduates

Business and industry representatives are directly involved with the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education in developing the curriculum standards for each of the programs taught at  Georgia Piedmont Technical College. In turn, Georgia Piedmont Tech offers its business partners a guarantee that graduates will possess the skills and knowledge prescribed in the state's standards. The guarantee assures employers that, if any employee you hire, within two years of graduation from a program under state standards, is found lacking in the prescribed competencies, he/she will be retrained in the competencies at any Georgia technical college free of charge.

Services for Faculty Members

The staff in the Office of Career Services is available to assist faculty members in several areas:

  1. To provide career guidance services to students who are questioning whether they are a good match for their chosen programs of study.
  2. To administer career assessment tools that may help students have a clearer view of a more viable program of study to pursue.
  3. To provide career-related workshops in your classrooms, i.e. resume writing, professional imaging, interviewing skills, etc.                  
  4. To make introductions of potential employers who may serve on Departmental Advisory Boards or who may hire students after graduation or for an internship period.
  5. To provide information and/or graduate follow up status that will support renewing departmental accreditations.

Support Services

Georgia Piedmont Technical College has established a working partnership with the DeKalb Workforce Development (DWD) Department. As a result of this partnership, employees of DWD are housed in the Office of Career Services at Georgia Piedmont Tech, which enables them to more accessible to our students who may need Support Services.

Through funding provided by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Support Services may be available for students currently enrolled in Georgia Piedmont Tech. Students are approved for Support Services on an individual, case-by-case basis. However, they must meet the following basic requirements:  1.) Be in good academic standing, 2.) be "program ready," and 3.) be DeKalb County residents.

Support Services include funding for purchasing books and related classroom supplies, such as tools or uniforms, depending on the program of study. Funds for child care services and emergency transportation (MARTA cards or gasoline cards) also are available on a limited basis.

WIA is considered the last funding source when the PELL or HOPE grants are limited, have been used to their maximum, or are not available for students.

For additional information concerning WIA Support Services, please contact Vivian Trinh, on the DeKalb Campus, at (404) 297-9522 X 1126.