Academic Advisement

What is Advising and Why is it important?
Academic Advisement is a process that helps you–the student–approach your education in an organized and meaningful way. Advising also involves guiding you–the student–to make responsible and viable decisions about your academic career at Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

You will meet with an Academic and Career Advisor when you first start Georgia Piedmont Tech and you should meet with an Advisor EVERY semester until you complete your program. Why? Because your advisors hold key information that will help you get through Georgia Piedmont Tech. Don't register for a class until you've talked to an advisor!

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Academic Advising Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your Academic and Career Advisors at Georgia Piedmont Tech?
Professional advisors who work with new students to evaluate test scores, transfer credit, discuss career plans, develop first semester schedule, and assist with registering for classes and setting up student email accounts.

Faculty Advisors
Faculty who teach the technical courses. Most of these program advisors will meet with you during your second semester and beyond. However, Academic Advisors may refer some students to the program advisors immediately following test score evaluation.

Faculty who teach all levels of general studies courses to include English, Reading and Math. Co-advisors teach you as well as help you relate the importance of basic skills to the technical skills required in the world of work. While Co-advisors may answer general advising questions, most refer you back to your academic or program advisors for specific guidance.

Currently Enrolled Students

You are already ATTENDING GPTC and have been here at least a semester or two. Now, it's time to see your FACULTY ADVISOR. Faculty Advisors can answer specific questions about your program of study, and they also work with you until it's time to apply for graduation.

Current Students – Find your Faculty Advisor at the link below.

Current Students Program Advisors

New, Returning and Transfer Students

You've submitted your admissions application. You've paid your $25 fee. You've taken COMPASS test, or at least you're scheduled to take it, or you're waiting for Georgia Piedmont Tech to evaluate your college transcripts. What do you do next? It's time to meet with an Academic and Career Advisor.

New, Returning and Transfer students
Location Times
Phone Ext
E-mail Address
DeKalb Campus
BLDG A -169 Monday-Thursday
9 am – 7 pm
Newton Campus
BLDG B -210 Monday-Thursday
9 am – 7 pm

What happens in an advising session?

Your career plans, test scores, any transfer credits, program requirements
Select appropriate courses for the upcoming semester
Learn how to read program curriculum guide
Discuss family obligations and class schedule needs
Complete your Student Educational Planner in DegreeWorks

Look up PIN ID and Student number
show you how to use BANNER registration to register for the classes on your academic planner in DegreeWorks
Set up your Georgia Piedmont Tech student email account

About completing financial aid
Other assistance that may be available
About Orientation day and first day of classes
First day of class procedures if taking online class

About Financial Aid
Apply for financial aid. HOPE Grant recipients are eligible for funds that will cover 81% of the tuition. Other aid may be available including Pell Grant and possibly, student loans. But ALL students should be prepared to pay for books out of pocket.

A good estimate is $100 per book, per class.

Not Sure About a Career?
Choosing a career is:

  1. What you know about yourself and your skills
  2. What you know about the job market
  3. What you're willing to do to get that job

Visit our Advising, Counseling and Retention Services offices for career assessments, job search and salary information.

Thinking About Transferring to Another College?
Check with the school you want to transfer to-find out their admissions policies for transfer students. Get a curriculum guide or list of courses from that school. Then, bring that information back to an Academic and Career Advisor at Georgia Piedmont Tech to discuss your options.

Want to Change Programs of Study?
Talk to a faculty advisor for the program you're interested in. Take a copy of your transcript, and test scores if you have them. Learn about the new program requirements. Make an INFORMED decision before you change programs. REMEMBER: Classes cost money and time. Don't waste either!

Need Tutorial Assistance?
Visit the Student Success Center. Let your instructors know as soon as you need academic help. Instructors may refer you to tutorial services. Everybody needs help sometimes ... look for it, ask for it. Using your resources is a SMART thing to do.