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Georgia Piedmont Technical College has been providing workplace literacy programs for over forty years and is committed to partnering with business and industry to raise the literacy level of our workforce. Our service delivery area encompasses DeKalb, Newton, Rockdale, and Morgan counties. Low literacy levels in the workplace have staggering implications - increased production costs because of accidents and absenteeism, costly errors, low product reliability and lost management time in providing close supervision.

Georgia Piedmont Tech's Workplace Education Program offers two basic services to business and industry. First, we provide Adult Basic Education (ABE) instruction to any employee whose reading and/or math skills are deficient. This includes preparation for the GED examination if requested. Second, we provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to employees whose lack of English skills prevents them from satisfactorily carrying out their jobs.

Our Services

Basic Skills Remediation in Reading, Writing, or Mathematics
A unique aspect of this service is that we adapt the curriculum to the workplace setting. This means that we incorporate into the curriculum words and phrases or computational skills that are used on the job. This insures that what we teach is practical and will enhance job performance. Our instruction is also conducted at the work site for the convenience of the company and its employees. If a company desires that Georgia Piedmont Tech provide on-site General Educational Development (GED) or pre-GED preparation for employees who do not have a high school diploma, this can be done also.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction for Employees Whose First Language is Not English
Metropolitan Atlanta is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the country and this is reflected in its workforce. Like the basic skills remediation, we adapt the ESL curriculum to the workplace setting and provide instruction onsite. We also teach English language survival skills that the employee can use at work and at home.


To determine the appropriate levels at which to start instruction, we administer nationally recognized assessments. In addition, we meet with the company management team and observe workers in a literacy task analysis to determine how the employees' apply verbal, reading, and math skills to their jobs. This will result in a customized curriculum to insure that what is being taught reflects the skills needed for the job.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 40 million Americans 16 years of age and older have only rudimentary reading and writing skills. Georgia Piedmont Technical College is committed to raising literacy rates in order to create a more productive and competitive workforce.

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