Next Step College Transition Program

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Next Step is Georgia Piedmont Technical College’s Transition Program for GED Graduates who plan to attend college. The program provides assistance in helping individuals who have earned their GED diploma to make the successful transition into Georgia Piedmont Technical College’s credit course. The goal of the program is to guide students through the admissions process, financial aid, career counseling, and other support services. Students can attend workshops and receive support in these areas.

Specific on going Next Step activities include:

  • Group sessions with prospective students
  • Campus tours
  • Workshops on completing your admissions and FAFSA (financial aid) applications
  • Presentations on “college survival” skills to help students adjust to college life
  • Informational sessions to local community adult education providers

For more information on the Next Step GED to College Transition Program please contact:

DeKalb Campus - (404) 297-9522 TBD