Georgia Piedmont Technical College offers a wide array of programs of study that lead to an Associate of Applied Science Degree, a Diploma, or a Technical Certificate of Credit. The various programs of study offered by Georgia Piedmont Tech are divided into the following occupational categories:

Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs

Degree programs are from 18 to 24 months in length with a focus on college level instruction. Along with the occupational courses, students are required to take college level courses in English and math. Degree students have the option of seeking employment in their chosen field of study or expanding their education to a higher level than that of a diploma or certificate program. Georgia Piedmont Technical College has collaborative agreements with the University System to provide easy transfer of Associate Degree credits into Bachelor's or Master's Degree programs at various colleges and universities throughout Georgia.

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs vary in length, but usually require at least one year to complete and offer a more well-rounded education than certificate programs. Along with the occupational courses, students are required to take general education courses including English and math. Students enrolled in diploma courses are interested in longer-term training than certificate students, but less than college level.

Technical Certificate of Credit Programs

Certificate programs are those areas of study that are one year or less in length. Students who are awarded a Certificate usually are interested in short-term training which meets a specific need. These programs are designed for those students who wish to make a swift transition into the workforce.

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