Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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SACS - Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Core Requirement 2.12 requires that an institution prepare a Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP is an initiative of improvement focused on some aspect of student learning or the environment that student learning takes place. It represents a commitment on the part of the institution to identify an area for improvement, to develop a plan to meet specific, measurable goals, and to engage in ongoing assessment of progress toward completion of the plan. The college must submit an impact report five years following the initiation of the QEP in which it demonstrates the impact of the QEP on student learning, as defined in the plan; therefore, the QEP should be designed to produce measurable results within that time frame.

The QEP should be broad-based, impacting as many divisions of the institution as possible, including instruction and student services. All stakeholders of the college should be involved in the selection of the QEP topic. The topic may address a current issue that the institution has already identified, or it may be a new concern that has never explored. Then, the QEP Steering Committee, along with other subcommittees will devise a plan for implementation that befits the resources of the institution.

Executive Summary

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